Who’s who

Carl Hunter (Chairman)

Carl and his family came to live in Wennington in 2005. He really appreciates the beauty and tranquillity of the village as well the warmth and friendliness of the people who live here. He became a parish councillor in 2010 and is passionate about enabling local people to determine what happens in their community. He was particularly active and instrumental in bringing Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN) to Wennington.

Trevor Sykes (Vice-Chairman)

Trevor has lived almost all his life in Wennington. He is the longest serving parish councillor and has a deep understanding of how things have changed in Wennington over the years. Trevor currently works at Wennington Hall School.

Sophie Ridsdale

Sophie and her family moved to the village in September 2015 from Wrayton having lived there for nearly 20 years so she knows the village and surrounding area well.  She can normally be seen out running or walking with her Labrador and takes a keen interest in the welfare of the village.

Stephany Kirkwood

Stephany has lived in Wennington with her husband and family for over 50 years. She has been involved in many activities in the parish over the years, most resent being very involved with the setting up of the B4RN network in the area.

A qualified teacher in adult education with many IT skills, which has come in useful helping parishioners with computer problems. Her interests include photography and protecting the Flora and Fauna in the parish, helping in any way to protect the originality of the village as well as keeping up with times.

Paul Whatmough

Paul retired to Wennington in 2013 and almost immediately became an active member of the team bringing B4RN to the village.  He became a parish councillor in 2015 and is an enthusiastic Friend of St James the Less Church, Lower Tatham, where he can often be found tending to the church grounds and carrying out other maintenance jobs.



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