Neighbourhood Plan

Wennington Parish Council have made a commitment to develop a Neighbourhood Plan covering the whole of the Parish Boundary. A Neighbourhood Planning Sub Group (NPSG) of the Parish Council has been established, to lead on this important initiative, which reports to the Parish Council at each council meeting.

Lancaster City Council have approved (in accordance with Part 2 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012) our neighbourhood plan designation area.

The NPSG is very keen to ensure that parishioners and stakeholders are kept informed and fully engage with the development of our Neighbourhood Plan. A copy of our ‘Communication and Engagement Strategy’ can be found by clicking here.

Our first ‘Community Engagement Event‘ was held on Saturday 18th February 2017. 

Thank you to the 30+ people who came along to express their thoughts and suggestions regarding the future development of Wennington. All the information gathered during the engagement event has now been collated and summarised, you can access this information by clicking here.

Here a just a few photo’s from the day:

A Housing Needs Survey was conducted during June 2017 and resulted in an excellent 73% return rate. You can access the results of the survey here.

If you have any views or suggestions, for how you would like to see your community develop, please let us know by using the ‘CONTACT US’ section above or email us at

Minutes of our Meetings:

NPSG – Meeting 1 – 27.08.16

NPSG – Meeting 2 – 19.10.16

NPSG – Meeting 3 – 18.01.17

NPSG – Meeting 4 – 31.01.17

NPSG – Meeting 5 – 28.02.17

NPSG – Meeting 6 – 30.05.17

NPSG – Meeting 7 – 05.06.17

NPSG – Meeting 8 – 19.06.17

NPSG – Meeting 9 – 24.07.17

The following documents contain useful information on the process involved in developing a Neighbourhood Plan:

Neighbourhood Planning-RoadmapNeighbourhood Planning-Roadmap



The following web links provide further information on the wider issue of neighbourhood planning:-


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