Welcome to the Wennington Parish Council website.

If you would like to receive the Agenda and Minutes of Council Meetings, please get in touch, via the ‘Contact Us’ link above, leave your e-mail address, and we’ll email the information to you in future. You can also email us at:



If you have any suggestions, reservations or observations regarding matters arising from such meetings, please let us know as it is not always possible to gauge the view of the village.  In addition, the Parish Council would greatly appreciate suggestions and ideas that you feel might benefit the village and the welfare of its residents.  


Developing our website 

Though the website is, essentially, a Parish Council notice-board, we have already had requests that it provide information on events and happenings in and around the area. Given the rather scattered nature of the parish, this seems like an excellent opportunity for keeping villagers up-to-date. Let us know of any events, that might be of interest, to the people of Wennington, and we will post the details for all to see. Please let us know if you have any other ideas or suggestions you may have for the development of our website.


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